fredag 16 januari 2009

LOVE Park - Fountain of Youth

The large space, granite surfaces, and curved steps made the plaza attractive to skateboarding and in the 1980s it became a popular location for skateboarders. In the 1990s, LOVE Park's international reputation as a skateboarding locale had been strengthened by the successes of some its most famous users. Internationally known professional skateboarders like Bam Margera, Stevie Williams and Philadelphia native Kerry Getz made their names in the skateboarding industry by being identified with their frequent use of LOVE Park's ledges and stair sets. Additionally, the status of LOVE Park in international skateboarding culture led to Philadelphia being chosen to host the 2001 and 2002 X-Games, viewed by 150 million people in over 18 countries and attracting nearly a half million spectators during its two year stay. To bad the park are fuckeedup for skating now days...

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