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July 17, 2008 @ 7:34 AM
This interview is from Kingpin 55 currently on sale at the newsstand and although it was done about 2 months ago, yesterday in Mika Edin’s life looked eerily similar to the day he’s describing here. Just substitute Linköping and the WeSC Skatecamp for Prague and ad a couple of other parks besides Hummlegården and you’re spot on

So Mika, tell me where you are at the moment?

I’m at home right now, in Stockholm.

Has it been a nice Thursday for you so far?

Yeah, I got up really early, went for a picnic, then skating, some beers. The weather’s been so good for the past three days. We’ve been out skating in Humlegården [public park with an old mini ramp and a small concrete street course in central Stockholm –ed.] every day and then today we had a barbeque.

What did you have?

Sausages! (haha)

Who was there today?

It was my brother, my friend Samuel and Ola [Löwbeer, Mika’s team mate on Bellows].

How’s Ola doing?

He’s good. He has a little problem with his knee, but he’s alright. He was cruising around a little bit today.

That reminds me, aren’t the nurses on strike in Sweden right now? Ricky Sandström was telling me that that might delay all medical operations…

Yeah, I heard something about that too. But Ola just had his operation two weeks ago or something. So he’s fine. Rehab!

Did you spend the whole day in Humlegården today?
Yeah, pretty much. It’s been a really good day so far.

Any plans for tonight?

I don’t know, just watch a movie I think. Some Swedish TV comedy thing. I’m really into that stuff.

How’s the rest of the week looking for you?

Same as today! The weather’s supposed to stay good all week, so skating in Humlegården…it’s meant to start raining next week, but I’m going to Prague next Tuesday, so that’s good.

What’s going on in Prague?
Aah…just chilling and eating good food, skate and maybe film little bit.

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